Receding Orbit

On August 17, 2009, my poem “Receding Orbit” got published in Philippines Graphic magazine. I’m posting it here. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Photo by Raydon L. Reyes

Photo by Raydon L. Reyes

Receding Orbit
by Raydon L. Reyes

how even as I separate,
I find myself drawn to you.
I am the moon in orbit,
trying to inch away
from this gravitational cycle
of dawns, dusks, and eclipses.
For we push and pull
away and toward
each other, and live off
fatal promises
of making contact someday.

You sometimes reflect light,
warding off an impending darkness.
But you often block that same glow
as you loom over and cover me
in black—

conquering without collision,
destroying without impact,
overpowering without effort,
knowing fully well that I will
crumble, concede, and continue
to wish that I was the one
covering you.

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